Wherever you’re moving to, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand North America, Europe or anywhere else around the world Britannia Movers International has a wide range of suitable moving and storage services matching your specific needs. Whether you have a small amount of goods or a large household that requires shipping, Britannia can help you move in a comfortable, simple and cost effective manner.

Britannia Movers has a wide network of nationwide offices based at convenient locations around the UK. Britannia’s UK network is matched with a wide range of overseas companies that we have partnered with successfully over many years. Our professional worldwide family of movers enables us to provide our customers with a seamless door to door service based on a range of requirements, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience from start to finish.

Through our international moving network, we can also offer international storage, additional support services and international destination services to match most customers’ needs. Find out more about our range of useful supplementary shipping services including currency exchange and pet transportation by browsing international removal services, or request an international household removals quote today.

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