How many of us dream of moving to sunnier climes as we gaze out of our windows at endless grey skies in the seemingly long and dreary UK winter months? Virtually as soon as the festive season loosens its grip, holiday bookings soar, driven by a desire for a fix of much needed sunshine as we plan our escape from the ensuing dark, drab days which herald the start of a new year. Many of us may even decide that it’s time to bite the bullet and make that permanent move abroad. Upping sticks and moving to a warmer international destination, or relocating to a sunny country for six months to save on the heating bills, or help ease discomfort from arthritis, is easily achievable with a global transport network. 
Do Your Research Before Moving Abroad
You’ve decided you want to live somewhere hot, but it’s advisable to do some serious fact finding about moving overseas before you make that final leap. Consider whether it’s a popular destination with British expats by reading reviews or visiting forums. Do you want to move right away from everyone, or would you prefer it if the country of your choice felt more like home? 
Remember, moving to a foreign country is very different to simply enjoying a holiday there. It may be that potential employment opportunities are important to you, or access to particular health care services is a must. Perhaps good transport links back to the UK are a priority, to enable you to visit family and friends on a regular basis - and likewise make it easy for visitors to come and see you. It’s a good idea to do some careful research about the country you plan to move to, as well as assessing your removals budget. 
As well as researching opinions from those who have already moved abroad to give you an overall picture of what it’s like to live overseas, there are other sources of invaluable information to be tapped into on a more practical front. Expert international removals specialists, such as Britannia Movers International, will provide not only the information you need about the physical move abroad and any storage requirements, they also provide other useful services and advice as well as a series of international guides to help you with the whole removals process to your chosen overseas destination. 
Relocate to a Popular International Destination
There are plenty of interesting geographic locations to choose from. Popular destinations for 2014 might include Luxor in Egypt as confidence begins to recover now that the political unrest in recent years appears to have ceased. Or perhaps you will be tempted by the wall to wall sunshine of the clean, safe, beautiful Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean, with their fresh sea air, great transport links to Europe, USA, Asia and Africa and education links with the University of London? 
There’s adventure to be had in cosmopolitan Sydney, Australia, or Auckland in New Zealand which is ranked 3rd in this year’s Mercer survey of best cities to live. Long time favourite overseas locations with British travellers, whether for short term trips or immigration, both these geographic jurisdictions operate points systems and require visas for those looking to emigrate there from the UK. 
Ever considered moving to Goa? Many seeking a hippie lifestyle have traditionally made their way to Goa over the years. This jewel in India’s crown with its vibrant colour-washed colonial Portuguese architecture and friendly natives, has grown as an attractive place to live and work, particularly amongst yoga practitioners who’ve chosen to set up yoga retreats in idyllic settings, offering luxury meditative holidays under the swaying palms overlooking Goa’s beautiful white sandy beaches and sparkling seas.
Coastline of Seychelles Islands and Eden island from Victoria Viewpoint,Mahe
Move to an Unusual Overseas Destination
Why not emigrate to Malaysia with its year round temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius, low cost living, friendly people and good medical care? With it’s good infrastructure and stable economy what’s not to like!
Other hot climates include Abu Dhabi, where opportunities for employment may be found in commercial organisations, particularly in the financial sector and oil industry. Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, about an hour’s flight from Puerto Rico, where the official language is English and tourism is an important contributor to its economy. 
A move to Brazil may warrant a closer look. Due to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup as well as the 2016 Olympics Brazil, exploring opportunities early on may reap rewards for those of us thinking of relocating overseas, but are as yet undecided. It’s reported that overseas buyers are snapping up second homes on unspoilt beaches, and prices are booming. These rose by nearly 25 per cent last year, with a small apartment currently priced at just £24,000.
 Expat in Brazil  is a great website that offers loads of help and advice to potential expats in a range of different areas including Property in Brazil, Business in Brazil, General Life in Brazil and much more! So whether you are planning on travelling or moving to the country it is definitley worth a read! 
Aerial view of Botafogo and Copacabana taken from the Sugar Loaf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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