Whether you have chosen our excess baggage shipping, mini removal, international house removal or vehicle shipping service, Britannia Movers looks to provide peace of mind all the way with our comprehensive package of insurance services designed for international removals.

Of course, we hope that insurance claims will not be necessary on a Britannia move. At Britannia Movers we go out of our way to apply the best packing and loading techniques and partner with the best overseas companies around the world to ensure that we avoid where possible any wear and tear to goods. However, since European and International moves take more time and are carried out over longer distances, it does make sense to apply some caution and Britannia Movers insurance provides just that. 

In this case Britannia Movers strongly suggests that our customers take out some form of insurance. While Britannia is able to provide comprehensive cover for all of our moves, you may make alternative arrangements. Indeed on confirming with your Home Insurance policy you may feel adequately covered. If this is the case Britannia Movers may request to see a copy of your insurance policy prior to your shipment. Please note, as a responsible company, Britannia Movers reserves the right to decline to move your goods if we feel you do not have adequate insurance cover in place.

There are a number of items that insurers can’t cover. These include precious stones, coins, stamps, cash, securities, computer software, data, documents and animals. The full list of exclusions appears on the reverse of the proposal form and can be found in the Documentation section of this website.

Marine Insurance

Britannia Movers International offer several Insurance packages tailored to your needs through a major international insurer. When shipping your belongings abroad, we recommend you buy comprehensive insurance to guarantee peace of mind. Please download our Britannia Marine Insurance Guide for more information. 

Insurance for Storage

Your cover includes 60 days of incidental storage insurance from the date that your belongings arrive at Britannia’s destination warehouse facility. For a monthly premium you can extend your cover beyond this period. Extended insurance cover may be subjected to further exclusions.

Electrical Appliances

Before you move, some of your electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines may need special attention to ensure that they travel safely. It is important that you ask the supplier to undertake any necessary preparation or you might not be able to make a claim if anything goes wrong.

What If Things Get Broken?

We will do everything possible to deliver your possessions in the same condition as we receive them. However, should something be lost or damaged during the international shipping process, you should follow carefully the procedure for submitting claims on the back of your insurance certificate.

We recommend that you should try to inspect your belongings immediately on delivery so that you can ask the delivery crew to certify any loss or damage. If you find loss or damage after delivery, this should be reported within one week. Keep any damaged items together with packing materials as they may need to be inspected.

How Do I Insure My International Move?

It couldn’t be easier to take out Britannia insurance. Simply complete the proposal form after studying the ‘Notes of Guidance’ inside the cover. Make sure you keep the final copy of the proposal form so that you can check what you have insured.

Please talk to our expert staff if you need any further advice or assistance.

What's Next?