Petair UK is a specialist pet travel company run and owned by vets to ensure that our clients and, especially their pets, are looked after in the most professional manner possible.  We can offer your clients a completely full service from their front door to their new front door abroad or our clients can let us know exactly what services they would like and we can tailor make individual packages to ensure your pets’ transport is as safe and as convenient as possible for you and your pets.

Pet Air UK a travel service owned and run by vets

Petair UK is a relative new comer to the pet shipping world and has been trading for 8 years now, but in that time we have flown over 6000 pets to many destinations all over the world. Our commonest routes are to Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United Arab Emirates, though we have also flown pets to far flung places such as Argentina, Kazakhstan and Kathmandu.

Britannia Shipping recommends PetAir UK for transporting your pet abroad.

Pets generally travel in the hold of the same aircraft you and I use. There is a separate hold which is reserved for specialist cargo which is heated and pressurised just the same as our part of the aircraft. This area is kept dimly lit which helps the pets to settle down during the journey with no-one and nothing to upset them during the journey. The most common thing people say to us after their pet has flown is “I can't believe how well my pet travelled” and it is often followed by “I wish I had travelled so well”. Pet travel is much more common and safe in current times than it was many years ago, so there is every reason to fly your pets with you as you embark on your new adventure abroad.

Please contact Petair UK for a free quote and advice on your pets’ journey.

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