Prism Xpat are the pension transfer and financial specialists for emigrants moving  Down under. With 10 years experience in this industry, their service guides you through the pitfalls of the move from a financial view point so you are not caught out paying excess tax on your property, pensions or other financial assets on emigrating.

Prism Xpat advice

Considering your own visa class and personal circumstances, Prism Xpat’s independent advice is tailored with your best interests in mind. With the process commencing in the UK and affiliates throughout Australia and New Zealand, a seamless service is provided so you are properly looked after at both ends. 

To commence the process or to discuss your own situation, visit, email or phone +44 (0) 845 450 4004.

We can help with advice on pension transfers when you move abroad.

As a permanent or temporary emigrant you need to consider:

·         Do I transfer my pension, or leave it in the UK? Can I transfer it back?
·         Should I hold my finances in the UK, or take them with me?
·         Is there an optimal date in the tax year to emigrate so I don’t pay double taxation?
·         How should I set up my UK assets to avoid tax when I arrive?
·         What tax rebates am I entitled to as a departing UK resident?
·         Should I sell assets before or after I go to minimise capital gains and inheritance taxes?
·         Should I leave my investments or property in the UK?
·         How am I affected by inheritance tax?
·         How am I affected if the exchange rate moves? Will I be liable for tax?
·         Is a move abroad actually affordable for me?

By properly arranging your situation before you leave with an independent cross border financial specialist – considering both the UK tax and financial system abroad – you will benefit financially.

Contact Prism Xpat to see how much you can save.

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